FAFSA top of mind as ‘decision day’ comes and goes

After months of delays and technical difficulties, the Department of Education and advocacy groups are working to help students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid so they can receive financial aid packages and decide where to enroll.

What’s preventing stopped-out students from returning to campus?

A national survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education finds that students who left college without a degree often had complicated interactions with higher ed that discourage them from completing their programs. Understanding their experiences can help colleges bring them back.

Guaranteed college admission in ninth grade?

California State University, Fresno is offering college admission to public high school students as early as the ninth grade in hopes of creating a college-going mindset and increasing enrollment.

The changing nature of ‘merit’ aid at public institutions

Public colleges and universities are increasingly providing tuition discounts for wealthier students through non-need-based “merit” aid. The trend is exacerbating disparities in college access for lower-income students, experts say.