Georgetown’s student-run cultural clubs fostering inclusivity on campus

Georgetown University is home to nearly 70 cultural clubs, which play a key role in connecting students from similar backgrounds and spreading awareness of other cultures and regions, according to the university’s Office of Global Engagement.

Members of these student-run clubs host charity events, plan speaker series, and collaborate on university-wide gatherings. Commenting on the dialogue fostered by cultural clubs, Nareg Kuyumjian, president of the Armenian Student Association, said that club members “are extremely happy that we have created a space wherein both Armenian and non-Armenian students can come together to appreciate the centuries-old Armenian culture.”

“Overall, cultural groups on campus promote inclusivity through promoting open-mindedness and acceptance of students of different cultures and backgrounds,” said Alia Kawar, a student from Amman, Jordan, who serves on the executive board of Arab Society.

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