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In 2023, undergraduate enrollment began to recover from pandemic-era declines, and stakeholders across higher education continued to work toward greater equity, access, and affordability. The year not only brought highlights—like the launch of Called to Be: The Campaign for Georgetown—but also presented new challenges, such as the Supreme Court’s decision ending race-conscious admissions. Through it all, THE FEED kept a close watch on the higher education landscape, sharing the latest and most important stories with our readers.

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Georgetown launches Called to Be campaign

This year, Georgetown launched the Called to Be campaign, a $3 billion ambition to advance our university’s mission and impact. As always, students are at the core—reflecting our centuries-old Jesuit tradition of providing access to higher education, our ongoing dedication to building and supporting a thriving community, and our recognition that the exponential impact of a Georgetown education wouldn’t be possible without our exceptional students.

Most high school students want to attend college. Why are so many opting out?

Two reports released in the spring found that despite high interest in a college education, a rising number of high school students said they feel unprepared for college and did not expect to enroll. Experts say a combination of financial, mental health, and academic concerns are driving this mismatch between students’ aspirations and expectations.

Academics convene at Georgetown to discuss the future of three-year bachelor’s degrees

In the spring, education leaders from a dozen colleges met at Georgetown University to discuss whether three-year bachelor’s degree programs might boost student success and lower costs.

With new formula, some movement within U.S. News & World Report rankings

U.S. News & World Report updated its grading system, placing more emphasis on student outcomes and bringing some colleges closer to the top of the list.

Meet Georgetown’s new dean of students

Georgetown welcomed Claudia Arias-Cirinna as its new associate vice president and dean of students. Arias-Cirinna began her new role in August, working across campus to develop holistic support that empowers students to thrive, especially in times of critical need.

Refugee students have a new pathway to higher education and citizenship in the U.S.

A new program supported by the U.S. State Department enables U.S. colleges and universities to sponsor refugee students so they can resettle in the U.S. and pursue their higher education goals. The first cohort of students is expected to enroll in Fall 2024.

‘I just felt like Georgetown was going to be home’

THE FEED sat down with alumnus Jerome Smalls (B’19, G’22)—founder of SmallTalk Group, an educational venture focused on motivating youth and empowering teachers—as he reflected on his Georgetown journey and the community that helped shape his ambitions.

Georgetown responds to Supreme Court ruling against affirmative action in admissions

In June, the Supreme Court’s decision ended over 40 years of race-conscious admissions practices at higher education institutions across the country. In a statement expressing deep disappointment with the ruling, Georgetown President John J. DeGioia said the university will continue to comply with the law and emphasized the university’s “unwavering commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community.”

The end of race-conscious admissions leaves more questions than answers

The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action at U.S. colleges and universities began a nationwide discussion about who will be most affected and how the decision will shape admissions practices at highly selective institutions.

Who is considered a ‘first-generation’ college student?

Colleges and policymakers often differ on how to define a “first-generation” college student. A November report explored the factors at play—and how those varying definitions affect programmatic support.

Revisit the programs and people shaping our Georgetown community

In addition to news from around the nation, our 2023 coverage shared many stories about the Georgetown programs and people working to create an environment where every student can flourish. Visit the archive to catch up on THE FEED’s 2023 coverage of Georgetown happenings.

We also invite you to learn more about how Georgetown is striving to meet each student’s unique needs—through scholarships and support across all dimensions of learning and formation—a core commitment of Called to Be: The Campaign for Georgetown.


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More undocumented students graduating high school than previously estimated

A new report indicates that 98,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools every year, up significantly from prior estimates placing that number at 65,000 students.