How will work-study work this year?

Colleges and universities are adjusting their approach to work-study aid this academic year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to limit job opportunities and on-campus activities.

Fewer low-income students making enrollment deposits, filing FAFSA

Raising equity concerns, a new analysis finds that fewer low-income students and students of color admitted to college are submitting enrollment deposits—and, among lower-income deposited students, “an alarming number” are not filing the FAFSA.

New DC Public Schools program aims to boost college completion

Each year, just over half of students graduating from District of Columbia Public Schools go on to attend college, but less than 40 percent of those students earn a degree. A new DCPS program hopes that intensive mentoring will help improve outcomes.

Debt inequities, COVID-19 impacts complicating outlook for Black graduates

Black graduates across the country are reeling as they transition from college to the workforce while grappling with the effects of racism and police violence, the coronavirus pandemic, stark student loan debt inequities—and a keen awareness of how the color of their skin complicates their career prospects.