A national model to boost degree completion?

New Colorado legislation that strengthens the state’s credit transfer policies and makes them more transparent could become “a commonly replicated model” for states across the country, says Inside Higher Ed.

From early exposure to dual enrollment: 3 Georgetown programs preparing DC students for college success

Through several pre-college programs, including a dual enrollment opportunity, Georgetown’s Center for Multicultural Equity and Access is strengthening the pathway to higher education for Washington, DC, students. “We now have five to six years with these young people to build their skills, to increase their college knowledge, to focus on those both cognitive and non-cognitive variables,” CMEA Director Charlene Brown-McKenzie tells THE FEED.

Still following college sticker prices? Ignore them, report says

The published cost of attending college is a “poor indicator” of what students really pay to attend; yet, it often discourages middle- and low-income students from pursuing higher education. A new report explores “a better way” to track what’s happening with college costs.